Planetary roller screw drive

Now with five-year guarantee!

Electric and hybrid ALLROUNDERs are equipped with our unique planetary roller screw drives. These offer numerous advantages such as high power density and operational safety, long service life, and much more. The planetary roller screw drives – which ARBURG develops and builds itself – also come with a five-year guarantee.

Higher power density and longer service life
The planetary roller screw drives ensure that rotary movement of the motor in the injection moulding machine is converted into linear movement. They increase the service life of your injection moulding machine and reduce failures.

  • Compared with inexpensive ball screw drives, the power density of planetary roller screw drives is up to 100% higher.
  • What makes ARBURG planetary roller screw drives special is optimised oil lubrication and active liquid cooling. The active liquid cooling ensures constant operating conditions, which means fewer failures.
  • Oil lubrication reduces maintenance and wear compared to grease lubrication in ball screw drives, and increases a machine's service life as a result.
  • Planetary roller screw drives also work reliably at full load.