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Safety glasses for professionals

ARBURG is involved in various aid initiatives during the coronavirus pandemic and has initiated various projects. This includes the production of protective glasses. The project was initiated by ARBURG and implemented in cooperation with Swiss specialty chemicals group Ems-Chemie and German protective and safety eyewear manufacturer Uvex.

Strong partners
At the K 2019 trade fair, ARBURG had already produced sunglasses in cooperation with these partners. The unbureaucratic coordination between the involved parties showed that the same mould, and consequently the same design, can be used to produce safety glasses that protect eyes and conjunctiva from contamination with Covid-19.

Ready-to-use safety glasses
After Ems had agreed to the use of the mould and Uvex had offered to make the glasses suitable for their new application by means of rapid certification, ARBURG built a turnkey system around an electric ALLROUNDER 570 A and a six-axis robotic system in Lossburg.

Injection moulding of initially 20,000 ready-to-use glasses made of transparent Grilamid TR (PA12) began in mid-April. The material for the first batch of glasses, around 500 kilograms, was provided free of charge by material manufacturer Ems-Chemie. At a Packmat packing station, each pair of glasses plus safety and information sheets is manually packed individually in tubular film bags and CE marked.

ARBURG and Ems-Chemie are sharing the first 20,000 pairs of protective glasses and will distribute them free of charge via official channels to hospitals, retirement homes and civil protection organisations in Germany and Switzerland.