ALS user meeting 2019

Experts visit ARBURG

The ALS user meeting 2019 was held on 14 November in Lossburg with around 120 participants. As part of the event, ARBURG experts from the Control Technology Group provided a comprehensive overview of innovations and the use of the ARBURG host computer system (ALS) as well as its integration into the "arburgXworld" customer portal.

ALS with new features
During the user meeting, several new features were presented which further increase the user-friendliness of the host computer system. Production aids in the form of parts lists can now be classified by machine, for example. The process status can also be managed in greater detail, for instance to indicate process release by the ALS quality assurance. Details in the client are compiled and displayed even more conveniently and individually, further increasing user-friendliness. The mobile maintenance client and the brand new machine terminal are two more novelties.

ATCM: collecting data from turnkey systems
The ARBURG Turnkey Control Module (ATCM) SCADA system that was presented is an important link between complex turnkey systems and MES systems such as the ARBURG host computer system. It collects, visualises and transmits all relevant process data. In addition, the ATCM can also display the key functions of the entire production cell via an HMI (human/machine interface) terminal with touch panel. Data transfer is primarily carried out via the OPC UA communication protocol.

ALS also available via arburgXworld
ALS data can be linked with the cloud-based arburgXworld customer portal. All machines with an IIoT gateway already provide a selected set of visually prepared production parameters via the arburgXworld "Process Dashboard" and "Machine Dashboard" apps. In addition, all ALS users can use the "ALS Dashboard" app to access this data across all production sites on mobile devices of their choice in order to obtain a quick overview of the current production status.

Böllhoff as a user: all machines integrated in ALS
The success story of the Böllhoff Group, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of fasteners and assembly systems, offered exciting insights into practical applications. Jens Placke, responsible for IT Projects, Processes and Consulting at Wilhelm Böllhoff GmbH & Co. KG, is in charge of the ARBURG host computer system on the IT side and explained how it is used throughout the company. Not only 123 injection moulding machines, but also 274 metalworking machines are integrated in the ALS, which is networked worldwide across the Böllhoff production sites. The data is accessed on mobile terminals. Individually adapted representations, e.g. of the degree of machine utilisation, were incorporated by ARBURG Control Technology as feedback for further development of the ALS, which was in turn welcomed by Böllhoff.