GOLDEN ELECTRIC – more options

New features extend range of applications

We are expanding the range of injection units for our GOLDEN ELECTRIC series. Injection units of different sizes are now available for each machine size. This allows you to process a wider range of shot weights and adapt them more accurately to your requirements.

Enter LSR processing
We offer compatible cylinder modules with different screw diameters and wear resistance categories for each injection unit across all series. Another new feature is the option of silicone processing by combining an LSR cylinder module, vacuum kit and programmable inputs and outputs (PIOs). With our GOLDEN ELECTRIC series, we can offer you cost-efficient electric LSR machines for simple moulds and products.

Temperature control close to the mould
Fast and simple conversion with safe line routing at the same time: pipe manifolds at the fixed and/or moving mounting platen are ideal for mould temperature control. A separate supply line allows you to maintain the temperature level independently of machine cooling. Depending on the machine size, the pipe manifolds with six or eight connections are available in two versions: for cold water up to 80°C and hot water up to 160°C.
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