AM components in moulded part quality

Commendation by expert article in "Kunststoffe" magazine

An expert article on ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) was published in the 11/2018 issue of the renowned trade magazine "Kunststoffe" published by Hanser-Verlag and the English edition "Kunststoffe international". The article deals with the optimisation of components and looks at a number of product examples.

Open system: APF parts comparable to injection moulded parts
In the article, Dr Agnes Kloke, Team Manager Technology Development for ARBURG Plastic Freeforming, describes material qualification and data preparation and presents the latest research results for component optimisation with the APF process. She explains that the freeformer, as an open manufacturing system, allows the parameters to be adjusted, which enables the mechanical and geometric properties of the components to be specifically optimised. In this way, tensile strengths and part densities comparable to those of injection moulded parts can be achieved.

Application range: from medical technology to toys
The wide application range of the freeformer is illustrated using various functional components made of original materials. Examples include air ducts made of PC approved for the aerospace industry, medical PLLA implants and corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant sliding bearings made by igus from "iglidur J260" material. On the subject of "Individualisation of high-volume parts", the article presents an application from the LEGO Group – one of the first ARBURG customers to personalise its freeformer products in single-unit batches according to customer requirements.
Article magazine Kunststoffe - "Droplets to the Beat of Milliseconds" (PDF - 0.5 MB)