ALLDRIVE – now even more modular

Greater precision in the configuration of electric ALLROUNDERs

Our electric ALLROUNDER ALLDRIVE machines can now match your requirements in terms of dynamics, speed and functionality, just as you would expect from our hydraulic injection moulding machines. This significantly increases the range of applications of our ALLDRIVE series.

From a distance between tie-bars of 270 x 270 mm and a clamping force of 350 kN upwards, you can now select from the following three performance variants of the electric ALLROUNDER A:

  • Performance variant L1
    Designed for technical parts and particularly energy-saving operation. This variant is an electric alternative to standard hydraulic machines with dual pumps.
  • Performance variant L2
    Ideal for high-speed applications and complex processes. This variant features shorter dry cycle times, multi-stage controlled clamping and simultaneous movement of the secondary axes.
  • Performance variant L3
    Designed for thin-walled applications and the highest demands on machine performance. This version is only available for machines with a distance between tie bars of 630 x 630 mm and a clamping force of 2,500 kN. In addition to the functions of performance variant L2, it also offers reinforced mould platens, higher injection speeds and cycle-overlapping dosing.

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Brochure: Electric ALLROUNDERs (PDF - 2.7 MB)