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Turnkey Projects and Fakuma 2017

We are constantly adding to our Media Centre with new videos on interesting injection moulding solutions and events. It is worthwhile checking these out on a regular basis. You're welcome to take a look any time.

Videos of the Fakuma highlights
At the Fakuma 2017 trade fair, ARBURG presented a new practical example of Industry 4.0 for the first time. Elastic tension straps of different lengths and colours and with different end pieces were produced on demand from shot to shot according to customer requirements. The "Impressions of the Fakuma 2017" video offers you an impression of all of ARBURG's new products and innovations.
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Turnkey expertise video
Automation and turnkey solutions are continuously gaining in importance. The turnkey video explains how ARBURG operates from the planning stage to the commissioning of complete turnkey systems. In addition to the ARBURG experts, renowned companies such as Vorwerk and ZF TRW also report on their experiences, for example, in the implementation of sophisticated automation tasks.
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