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Two new brochures about ARBURG

The new image brochure and the new employer brochure strikingly convey what ARBURG stands for as a brand and what the company offers to its customers, partners and employees.

ARBURG image brochure
The new ARBURG image brochure "WIR SIND DA." informs the reader about the company's history and philosophy. Just like the brand promise with the same wording, the image brochure shows how ARBURG uncompromisingly supports the interests of customers, employees and partners at all times, well beyond its technological services.
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ARBURG employer brochure
For the first time, ARBURG also published a special employer brochure directed at potential new employees. The German-language brochure "Bereit für den nächsten Schritt" illustrates the company's size and versatility and presents various people, from trainees to the management team. Readers gain an insight into the advantages of a family-run company and into the career opportunities that ARBURG offers.
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