ARBURG at the Interplas 2017

From high-volume production to one-off parts

ARBURG will present the production-efficient manufacture of plastic parts from high-volume production to one-off parts at the Interplas 2017 to be held in Birmingham (UK) from 26 to 28 September. Injection moulding, automation solutions and additive manufacturing will be presented.

ALLROUNDER GOLDEN ELECTRIC: high-performance, precise, energy efficient
An ALLROUNDER from the electric entry-level GOLDEN ELECTRIC machine series will demonstrate the cost-efficient automated production of high-quality parts based on the example of "stacking boxes". The cycle time is around 20 seconds and handling is performed by a linear MULTILIFT SELECT robotic system. "In order to remain competitive, production efficiency and automation are decisive factors for many of our customers," explains Colin Tirel, Managing Director of the ARBURG subsidiary in Warwick.

Central Selogica control system
ARBURG will use a vertical ALLROUNDER 275 V to demonstrate the advantages of the central Selogica machine control system in injection moulding practice. These include, for example, intuitive graphical sequence programming, automatic plausibility checks, integration of robotic systems and peripheral equipment, as well as the allocation of access rights and the “Set-up Assistant” module.

freeformer: Implants made from resorbable plastic
In principle, the freeformer can additively process the same materials as used in injection moulding. The potential offered by ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF) for medical technology will be presented using the example of individually adapted implants for facial and cranial bones. The raw material is medical polylactide (PLA) in granulate form.