Wir sind da.

The "Wir sind da." brand positioning slogan formulates ARBURG's determination to support the needs of its customers, employees and partners without compromise over and above its technological performance.

For as long as ARBURG has been involved with injection moulding, its aim has always been to be the home of the process. You won’t find another company in the world that is dedicated to the development and perfection of injection moulding with the same level of consistency and commitment. We always have one objective in mind: your success.

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For us at ARBURG, service is not just something we do, but rather an expression of an attitude: doing our utmost to ensure that you can manufacture your products efficiently and successfully. Whether you have questions about an application, urgently need a spare part, or require our support with special projects or challenges: we’re already on our way.

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When it comes to injection moulding, Lossburg is the centre of the world: This is where we exclusively develop and build our innovative solutions for the plastics industry. That’s not to say that you will only find us in Lossburg: we are at your side in around 100 countries throughout the world, to offer you our expertise, capabilities, spare parts service and commitment.

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