Turnkey Control Module (ATCM)

Collecting data and coordinating processes

For 100% traceability of individual parts and component assemblies, you need a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system such as the ARBURG Turnkey Control Module (ATCM). Process and quality data can then be collected for specific parts and forwarded to an evaluating system.

The ATCM also visualises the key functions of complete production cells for you, including log graphics, system statuses, alarms or the results of camera inspections. If required, you can also use the ATCM to start non-cyclical production processes such as ejection.


  • Simple: Coordination and monitoring of the processes in a production cell
  • Reliable: Collection of relevant data based on the component ID
  • Seamless: Documentation for 100 per cent traceability


Brochure: arburgXworld (PDF - 2,7 MB)

Application examples

AM (Additive Manufacturing) Factory
The ARBURG AM Factory demonstrates how an IT-networked turnkey system, built around a freeformer 300-3X and a six-axis robot, functionalises variants of standard gripper plates – in a process that is fully automated according to customer requirements, and 100 per cent traceable.
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Spirit level
The example of the spirit level shows how 100 per cent traceability and cost-efficient production can be achieved. Thanks to the ARBURG Turnkey Control Module (ATCM) SCADA system fitted in the turnkey system, all the relevant process and quality data for each individual component can be traced at any time.
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