Micro counter wheel

The smaller the more challenging

Precision small parts, such as micro counter wheels weighing only 0.004 g, can be produced to a high standard on optimised ARBURG standard machines. A special micro-production cell enables us to offer you an efficient solution for shot weights measured in milligrams.

Dynamic injection using a position-regulated screw, for example, ensures the required precision and compliance with tolerances in the micron range. An electric ALLROUNDER 270 A injection moulding machine is used with a size 5 micro-injection unit. Part handling is via a horizontally-operating MULTILIFT H 3+1 robotic system.


  • Micro-production cell: electric ALLROUNDER 270 A, size 5 micro injection unit, MULTILIFT H 3+1 robotic system and clean air module
  • Size 5 micro-injection unit: precise regulation of short travel strokes with high filling dynamics
  • Homogeneous material preparation for standard granulate according to the first-in, first-out principle
  • Position-regulated screw: precise, dynamic injection for tolerances in the micron range


Basic specifications

Micro counter wheel
Cavities: 4
Part weight: 0,004 g
Material: PBT
Cycle time: 12 s


An electric ALLROUNDER 270 A with micro injection unit can achieve even the smallest shot weights - in the case of the micro counter wheel just 0.39 g. Together with a MULTILIFT H 3+1 robotic system and a clean-air module, this results in a flexible system solution for the reproducible production of micro components.
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Robotic system
The MULTILIFT H 3+1 robotic system can implement simple pick and place operations. The main arm removes the delicate micro parts and sets them down gently, separated according to cavities. The auxiliary arm separates the sprue. The loading capacities are 3 kg and 1 kg respectively.
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Micro injection moulding
The micro injection unit combines an 8-mm injection screw with a second screw for melting the material. The result is a reproducible plasticisation process according to the first-in, first-out principle. The finished micro components can be smaller than a single grain of granulate.
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Technical injection moulding
High-precision parts for a wide variety of applications can be produced with technical injection moulding, e.g. in the watch-making industry. For example, micro counter wheels weighing only a few milligrams are used to measure the flow in coffee machines.
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