icam connector

Manoeuvring a car into a tight parking spot is often aided by digital cameras (icams). Eight-pin connectors featuring liquid silicone (LSR) seals for protection against spray water and dust provide for reliable connection between the cameras and electronic system.

The turnkey system based around a vertical ALLROUNDER T two-component rotary table machine is designed for zero-fault production of icam connectors. The fully automated production cell includes two inspection stations as well as one tempering station. Handling of parts in the various production stages is performed by three six-axis robots as well as one linear robotic system traversing on a cross head.


  • Productive: the rotary table machine enables removal and insertion during the injection moulding process
  • Process reliability: the use of two thermally self-sufficient moulds enables precise positioning of the pins and moulding-on of an LSR seal
  • 100% quality: visual, electrical and mechanical inline inspection – bad parts are reliably ejected according to fault type
  • Standardised: SELOGICA-oriented operation for all automation components
  • Everything from a single source: ARBURG offers wide-ranging expertise and modular technology

Basic specifications

icam connector
Cavities: 4 + 4
Material: PBT + LSR


An ALLROUNDER 1500 T two-component rotary table machine with two stations enables the use of two thermally self-sufficient moulds for the PBT housing and the LSR seal. The rotary table is servo-electrically driven for precise positioning of the delicate inserts.
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Robotic system
The precise positioning of four automatically pre-assembled contact component assemblies in the mould is performed by a suspended six-axis robot. Following overmoulding with PBT, the pre-moulded parts are picked up by a linear robot and transferred to the second mould for moulding-on the LSR seal.
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Process and know-how

Overmoulding of inserts
At the heart of the 8-pin connector are four short and four long pins. These are fed from stamping reels, automatically bent and inserted into a carrier. The pre-assembled contact component assemblies are added via workpiece carriers and are precisely inserted into the mould by a suspended six-axis robot.
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The top priority is the common goal of always finding the most cost-effective solution. This calls for interdisciplinary expertise. As a technology and systems partner we cover a particularly broad spectrum and can offer you expert support for the implementation of your requirements.
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For large numbers of parts, it is worth integrating upstream and downstream processes via automation in order to produce ready-to-install parts in a single step. The icam connector example shows how a turnkey system makes it possible to meet a zero-fault production target.
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Overmoulding metals with plastics produces functional hybrid components such as housings for electronic assemblies in cars. The finished moulded parts are ready for immediate use and also simplify stock management and logistics.
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