Complete solutions for maximum performance

You want to produce high-quality packaging items quickly, reliably and efficiently? We offer you custom-designed system solutions for maximum productivity, which meet the requirements for short cycles and reduced energy consumption as well as consistently high product quality.

The basis for this is provided by the special “Packaging” (P) version of our ALLROUNDER injection moulding machine. Whether for thin-walled parts, IML products, screw caps or preforms, our “Packaging” machines combine FEM-optimised mould mounting platens, fast and precise mould movements, high filling dynamics, short injection times and high plasticising flow rates.


  • Innovative production solutions for a sustainable circular economy
  • Special ALLROUNDER CUBE machine series for high-speed applications with cube moulds
  • Customised turnkey systems from ARBURG provide for high-quality packaging applications
  • Precisely tailored to the packaging sector: the Packaging version of our ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines
  • Numerous application-specific technical details - whether for in-mould-labelling, screw caps or multi-component technology
  • Fast service response thanks to world-wide service network

Application examples

Thin-walled items
ARBURG offers complete turnkey solutions for the manufacture of thin-walled containers with inserts. Using the in-mould labelling process, two 1-litre buckets with labels and handles can be produced in a cycle time of only 4.85 seconds, for example. Material throughput is approximately 50 kg/h.

Packaging version of the hybrid ALLROUNDER 820 H produces IML tubs made of monomaterial. The tub is made of bio-based PP. The HolyGrail label from our partner Verstraete contains a digital watermark to ensure intelligent sorting. Additional product information can also be called up as augmented reality content.
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Screw caps
Mass-produced parts in seconds: thanks to high production performance and short cycle times, the hybrid ALLROUNDER 720 H injection moulding machine with a 72-cavity mould converts almost 139 kg of material into screw caps per hour. Powerful ejection is required in synchrony with the mould movements.
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2-component closure
An innovative cube mould is used for the manufacture of two-component water bottle closures. ARBURG fully integrates mould functions such as servo-electric turning into the multi-component ALLROUNDER 920 S injection moulding machine.
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Processing 136 g of PE-HD in 10.8 seconds: these are the requirements for the manufacture of cartridges for silicone. Thanks to the combination of barrier screw and a high-performance dosage drive, the hybrid ALLROUNDER 720 H injection moulding machine can deliver the required 120 kg of homogeneous material per hour.