Fast set-up times

Frequent re-tooling is the order of the day in many injection moulding plants. The result: machine downtimes with continuous energy consumption. We help minimise re-tooling times, while also ensuring the best possible preparation for the next job while production is still ongoing.

Investigations have shown that, for example, minimising the distances covered during set-up can lead to a considerable increase in efficiency. In view of the many opportunities for speeding up the set-up process, you need to recognise and exploit this untapped potential. Experience shows set-up time reductions of up to 50 percent are not unusual.

What you should do

  • Draw up checklists for complete set-up preparations
  • Keep a well-organised tool cart with all the small parts
  • Reduce distances and times: in the case of larger machines, schedule two employees for the re-tooling operation
  • Standardise the moulds used: uniform design and clamping device
  • Faster connection: assign the peripheral devices permanently to the machine
  • Energy saving: Switch off the hydraulic pumps during machine downtimes
  • Facilitate working for personnel: Define a systematic set-up procedure and train staff accordingly
  • Ensure transparency and stress-free set-up processes: plan production proactively
  • Avoid long heating times: pre-heat moulds and cylinder modules
  • Avoid the need for acute cleaning operations: keep a supply of several cylinder modules
  • Observe machine features such as ejector rapid release coupling, media connectors located on the clamping platens, swivelling injection units or the central coupling of cylinder modules
  • Take advantage of the detailed, regular training courses held at ARBURG