Production efficiency

Optimum use of resources and reduced unit costs

When it comes to production efficiency, what matters is to use resources efficiently and exploit all potential to the maximum. We have been channelling all our efforts in this direction for decades. We will help you achieve maximum productivity with minimum operating costs, resulting in high cost-effectiveness.

We look beyond pure machine technology and consider the entire value chain, including all influencing factors – from product design and mould technology through to the digitally networked production management system. You can therefore set a course not only for perfect component quality at minimal unit costs, but also for resource-friendly production with a low carbon footprint and a sustainable circular economy.
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  • Exploit savings potential: reduction in cycle times, energy requirements, material input, personnel, processing times, production steps, downtimes and rejects
  • ARBURG as primary contractor: machine, automation, peripherals, controllers and data management from a single source
  • Sound advice: holistic approach for high production efficiency
  • Exploit potential: fast cycles with less energy and fewer materials, production steps, downtimes and rejects
  • Transparent production: create the basis for recycling systems

Holistic approach

Product design
We can work with you on fine-tuning all the significant factors to ensure truly efficient production. This includes optimising the part geometry, saving materials, selecting the right raw materials, processing post-consumer recyclates (PCRs) and bioplastics, and minimising production steps, e.g. by combining several plastics.
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Mould technology
Mould and injection moulding technology must be perfectly compatible in order to work in perfect harmony. Our experts are there to advise you, worldwide. Working together with the leading mould makers, we find innovative solutions for you.
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Machine technology
The injection moulding machine has a great influence on production efficiency and unit costs. The modular ARBURG product range offers great flexibility in reducing unit costs in a targeted way, for example through the individual combination of different drive concepts. We can help you find the most efficient solution.
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Peripheral technology
If you want to produce efficiently, your environment must also be right. ARBURG is a comprehensive system supplier: we provide you with robotic systems and peripheral technology that are precisely matched to the injection moulding machine and integrated into the central machine control system.
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The most cost-effective solution at a glance: as a technology partner, we can offer you detailed advice on the technical equipment. We tailor system concepts precisely to your application. This means that you can take account of all aspects of efficient series production as early as the planning stage.
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Process integration
ARBURG offers you full system technology, know-how, consulting and service from a single source. We support you with the integration of upstream and downstream steps in the injection moulding process. Automation and process integration can be used to create fully functional components and to exploit potential savings.
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Process control
Process control is also one of our core competences. You can use our SELOGICA and GESTICA control systems to optimise your production processes day after day. Reduce energy requirements and cycle times – for example by integrating all peripherals and synchronising operational sequences.
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Production planning
The formula for success in global competition is to produce flexibly, quickly, in high quality and at low cost. The ARBURG host computer system is a valuable tool for this purpose: with ALS, you can effectively organise your production, minimise setup and downtimes and make optimal use of resources.
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