High speed sprue removal

ARBURG vertical INTEGRALPICKERs ensure efficiently short mould-entry times for sprue removal. As the machine and robotic system are programmed together via the machine controller, set-up times are also shorter – as our videos show.

Robots in action

A playful demonstration of the potential of automation
The ARBURG Technology Days 2016 included a light-hearted demonstration of just what automation can achieve: a picker, linear robotic system and six-axis robot were used to help a fleet of Bruder model cars negotiate an obstacle course.

An INTEGRALPICKER V used its high-speed pick and place movements to load and unload two dumper trucks and a tractor, while a linear MULTILIFT V robotic system made sure that the vehicles covered a great deal of ground in dynamic style. In addition, a six-axis robot used its repertoire of flexible 3D movements to handle a tractor. The three automation units worked hand-in-hand and communicated with one another by means of peripheral equipment interfaces.

Pickers compared

INTEGALPICKER V increases productivity
For a performance comparison, an electric INTEGRALPICKER V is used in the production of chip holders, and is also operated as a pneumatic system as a reference. The result: with a cycle time of 15.55 s, the electric picker operates approx. 9% faster than in pneumatic mode, which corresponds to an annual productivity increase of 93,782 parts.

The short intervention times of the INTEGRALPICKER V are achieved through the rapid 20 m/s2 acceleration of the entry axis (pneumatic 8 m/s2) and simultaneous movements. The picker enters the mould with three servo-electric axes. Moreover, it is integrated in the central SELOGICA control system, meaning that only one data record is required for the complete production unit.
Customer magazine today 55, pp. 18-19 "Faster and more precise" (PDF - 5,1 MB)