Bionically optimised pressure regulation

New feature increases reproducibility

Combining the avoidance of burr formation or underfilling with precision pressure regulation: switch-over from injection pressure to holding pressure is an important quality characteristic for injection moulding processes. This is particularly true when working with increased numbers of mould cavities. The aXw Control PressurePilot feature optimises mould filling.

Introduced back in 1987, “switch-over via ramp” has been facilitating regulated linear transition from injection pressure stage to holding pressure stage ever since. The result is improved balancing – in other words, even filling of each mould cavity.

The new PressurePilot feature uses non-linear, bionically optimised pressure regulation to increase the size of the process window for an injection moulding process that is both durable and reproducible. Differences in filling and therefore discrepancies in component weights from cycle to cycle are further reduced.
Neither function is a substitute for a well-balanced injection mould. But they can help to solve problems during balancing, which would otherwise not be possible to solve by means of mould modifications in a cost-effective manner.
today 74 TechTalk “Bionically optimised pressure regulation increases reproducibility” (PDF - 3,6 MB)