The aim of “GREENproduction” is to process valuable materials efficiently. Preserving resources thus results in production efficiency. New technologies and a digital network for the entire value chain are catalysts for a sustainable circular economy and also for increased competitiveness.

Digitalisation means exchanging information directly. This means that you will always know what’s going on in production – from material use or machine utilisation to the quality of your components. As your technology and system partner, we will make your production processes transparent and work with you to create the basis for recycling systems.


  • ARBURG as primary contractor: machine, automation, peripherals, controllers and data management from a single source
  • Comprehensive data exchange from the machine into the cloud
  • Part-specific documentation of production data – basis for recycling systems
  • Injection moulding offers a variety of enhancements such as barrier coating, sandwich structures, or lightweight construction
  • Industrial additive manufacturing is ideal for small unit volumes and part optimisations


Digitalising production
Traceability, production on demand and mass customisation, not to mention resource management and circular economy – these are just a few examples of what can be achieved through the digitalisation of production. Our “arburgXworld” offers you everything you will need. Let’s increase your production efficiency together.
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Injection moulding of lightweight parts
Cost savings, increased efficiency, conservation of resources and carbon emissions: lightweight construction as a "problem solver" is a key topic for the future in numerous industries. The aim is to reduce part weights, while maintaining or improving mechanical properties. Innovative injection moulding processes are required for this purpose.
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Industrial additive manufacturing
Our freeformer is designed to be an open system that processes original plastic granules. All the process parameters are freely programmable – from the settings for the geometrical slicing through to the discharge of the droplets. As a result, you are free to individually optimise parts and process your own materials.
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