Smart Machine

Assisting and controlling

Operators need to be able to adjust and control production processes intuitively, however complex they may be. This calls for a smart machine that offers extensive data integration options, monitors and adaptively controls your processes, and supports you in every operating situation.

For digital transformation, we systematically align our control technology with these aspirations. For greater productivity. For reliable processes. For improved part quality. For fault-free operation. In other words: For more value all-round!


Companies wishing to access ARBURG's digital world can register at Access to the available apps can be individually configured in the process. Each company nominates at least one master user, who can create as many users as required.


  • GESTICA: Pioneering control system with the look and feel of modern mobile devices
  • aXw Control FillAssist: 3D filling pattern display on the controller itself for efficient set-up
  • aXw Control MeltAssist: swift evaluation and optimization of material processing
  • Assistance packages: Numerous features at attractive rates offer support in any operating situation
  • Connectivity: Ensures that ALLROUNDERs are perfectly prepared for end-to-end digitalisation

Technical solutions

aXw Control FillAssist
The FillAssist function for the GESTICA control system allows the filling level of the component to be animated in relation to the current position of the screw as a 3D graphic in real time. Expert installation technicians also benefit from this information as it saves them valuable time.
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ALLROUNDER – ready for digitalisation
Our ALLROUNDER machines in the clamp design will make your daily work easier, as well as looking good. Assistance packages, which provide you with active set-up, start-up, programming and documentation assistance are also included as standard. We make your machines even smarter!
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Basis Connectivity
For easy, standardised and secure integration with higher-level software tools and platforms, ALLROUNDER injection moulding machines are equipped with “basic connectivity”. As a result, the control system’s data can be accessed via the “arburgXworld” customer portal, for example, and used to monitor production, or called up via ARBURG Remote Service (ARS) for machine diagnoses.

Predictive Maintenance
The real-time capable network system of our machine technology combined with smart data analyses form the basis for predictive maintenance. This minimises your maintenance efforts and at the same time ensures long-term, stable and fault-free running times.
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