Resource-friendly production starts with operating the injection moulding machines in an energy-saving way, and processing the materials used both reliably and efficiently – particularly in the case of recyclates and bioplastics. High-quality machine technology and extensive process expertise are an essential part of this.

Our “GREENmachine” measures systematically address these aspirations. From energy-saving drives to minimise your carbon footprint and the application-specific configuration of plasticising components and ALLROUNDERS through to smart control systems with versatile assistants.


  • Reduction of your carbon footprint: energy-saving electric and hydraulic drive technology
  • Processing of demanding materials such as post-consumer recyclates (PCRs): In-house production of specifically configured plasticising components
  • Long service life and high availability: high-quality technology such as liquid-cooled servo motors
  • Minimisation of rejects: diverse assistance functions for a quick set-up, efficient start-up, and stable processes


Servo-electric drives
Energy-efficient, fast and precise. In our servo-electric drives we are uncompromising in our focus on high-end technology. Liquid-cooled motors ensure smooth running and temperature stability without air turbulence.
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aXw Control FillAssist
The FillAssist function for the GESTICA control system allows the filling level of the component to be animated in relation to the current position of the screw as a 3D graphic in real time. Expert installation technicians also benefit from this information as it saves them valuable time.
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Predictive Maintenance
The real-time capable network system of our machine technology combined with smart data analyses form the basis for predictive maintenance. This minimises your maintenance efforts and at the same time ensures long-term, stable and fault-free running times.
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