Since the company was founded in 1923, we have manufactured our products exclusively in Lossburg in the Black Forest, a region with the highest density of habitats and nature reserves in Germany. This has shaped us. And it shows: ARBURG was one of the first companies to be awarded triple certification for quality, environment and energy as early as 2012.

We are systematically optimising our production processes for increased production and resource efficiency. Our central production facility in Lossburg has a very small carbon footprint, compared with sites with different philosophies. Factors contributing to this include efficient logistics, the high proportion of in-house production, environmentally friendly processes, and the use of natural resources and renewable energy.


  • Central production site: modern, IT-networked infrastructure for an optimised flow of materials
  • Our annual target since 1996: to draw one per cent less power than in the previous year
  • The use of renewable energy is part of our mission: wind power, photovoltaics and geothermal energy
  • Award-winning architecture: buildings designed for the use of natural resources
  • Virtually cost-neutral heating: comprehensive process management for heat recovery


Environmentally friendly processes
Powder enamel coating and plasma nitriding are impressive examples of how a classic win-win situation can be achieved through innovative processes. Our customers benefit from high-quality materials, while ARBURG benefits from cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly processing.

Energy-optimised design
Besides modern wall constructions and high-quality insulation, we also use glazing for our building technology, for natural climate control via sunlight, shading, and outside air. We additionally have low-temperature heating systems, which use waste heat from production.

Renewable energy
We use the orientation of our production halls and the angle of inclination of the shed roofs to ensure that photovoltaic systems are ideally positioned. As a result, we generate some 1,800,000 kWh of solar electricity for our own use.