Böllhoff promotional film

Customer relies on ARBURG’s host computer system

Roll up! Take a peek into the company with Böllhoff’s promotional film. From 2:10 minutes in, you’ll also discover ALLROUNDER. Learn how the ARBURG host computer system gives our customers increased transparency during production.

ARBURG’s host computer system is used worldwide
Wilhelm Böllhoff GmbH & Co. KG is an international family business providing 360° connection technology with assembly and logistics solutions. As seen in the film, our customer produces on ALLROUNDERs using the ARBURG host computer system (ALS). It is not only injection moulding machines in locations around the world that are connected by information technology through the ALS, but also machines and turnkey systems for metal processing and assembly. And just like ARBURG, Böllhoff relies on the production of top-quality and sustainable products.