Hybrid ALLROUNDER 1120 H

Large machine with a clamping force of 6,500 kN

The hybrid ALLROUNDER 1120 H extends the clamping force range of the ARBURG product portfolio by 30 % to 6,500 kN. Now the largest high-performance machine in the range, it also features a ground-breaking design and visionary GESTICA control system.

Largest high-performance machine
The targeted expansion of our product portfolio has resulted in the development of a new machine size: featuring a 6,500 kN toggle-type clamping unit, the hybrid ALLROUNDER 1120 H combines electric speed and precision with hydraulic power and dynamics. High production efficiency and reliability are also reflected in the appealing design.

Functional and ergonomically efficient
In addition to its modern colour scheme and shape, the new large machine offers enhanced functionality and significantly improved ergonomics. Day-to-day work is made easier with practical extras such as fold-out steps for accessing the clamping unit, service doors for the power supply equipment and integrated light strips that indicate the operating state.
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