ARBURG at the Plastimagen 2017

High-end plastic technology for packaging and automation

ARBURG will be exhibiting the latest in high-end plastic technology on stand 720 at the Plastimagen 2017 trade fair in Mexico City from 7 to 10 November 2017. The focus will be on packaging and automation.

Cost-effective entry into electric moulded part production
"The ALLROUNDER GOLDEN ELECTRIC is of particular interest for the Mexican market, as it enables cost-effective entry into electric moulded part production," says Guillermo Fasterling, Managing Director of ARBURG's Mexican subsidiary. An ALLROUNDER 570 E GOLDEN ELECTRIC will be used to produce "sports cap closures" at the Plastimagen, demonstrating that these machines are also suitable for high-precision production in the packaging sector. A hot-runner mould from Artis Matriz will produce twelve closures weighing 3.5 grams each in a cycle time of 12 seconds.

High-speed packaging application: Noodle pots
High-speed, high-quality serial production for the packaging industry will be presented using the example of noodle pots made from PP. A Packaging version of the hybrid ALLROUNDER 630 H with a clamping force of 2,300 kN and a 4-cavity mould from Otto Hofstetter will be used for production. The cycle time for four pots is 4 seconds.

Automation: ARBURG buggy
ARBURG will use a turnkey system built around a vertical ALLROUNDER 375 V to demonstrate the automated injection moulding of toy buggies. Here, the ALLROUNDER produces the individual parts from PP using a 1 + 1 + 2-cavity family mould in a cycle time of 25 seconds. Handling and assembly to produce the final, ready-to-use product are performed by a six-axis robot.