ARBURG at the FIP + 3D Print 2017

Industry 4.0 – "Smart" luggage tags

At the FIP + 3D Print 2017 in Lyon (France) from 13 to 16 June 2017, on stand D14/E11 in Hall 2, ARBURG will demonstrate the spatially distributed production of individualised "smart" luggage tag as a practical example of Industry 4.0.

High-volume production of single-unit batches
The exhibit illustrates flexibly automated, cost-efficient production in single unit batches. Injection moulding, industrial additive manufacturing and automation are combined for the customer-specific individualisation of the high-volume products and the process data is recorded using the ARBURG host computer system (ALS).

A step-by-step approach to unique products
At the first station, an ALLROUNDER 375 V with a flexible robot cell produces the "luggage tag" as a high-volume part The six-axis robot installs an NFC chip that enables the product to store information and communicate. In the next step, the user selects a graphic motif and has his electronic calling card (vCard) produced. The order data is transferred directly to the NFC chip. The part has thus been transformed into a data carrier. Each luggage tag is also assigned its own website, so that all data can be archived in the cloud. During the subsequent laser marking, the personalised data and vCard are added to the luggage tag in the form of a QR code. Subsequently, a freeformer further individualises the product by additively applying the selected 3D graphic in plastic.

Online actions
At the last station, visitors learn how they can use their smart luggage tag to execute data-supported actions, such as the online ordering of brochures. In addition, the contact data can be read out. The individual URL address of the website enables all process and quality data to be traced on a 100 percent basis at all times.