Explainer video: ALS

Our successful explainer video series is continuing in 2022. In the new episode, Peter Kowalewski, team manager Digital Industrial Solutions Support, provides an easy-to-understand, brief and entertaining explanation of all aspects of the ARBURG host computer system (ALS).

New explainer video: ALS production management system

In the latest explainer video, ARBURG expert Peter Kowalewski shows what ARBURG's proprietary ALS production management system can do and why no modern plastics processing system should be without it. One of the core tasks of the ALS production management system is the collection and analysis of production data in real time. This information can be used to achieve targeted increases in efficiency in industrial production.
But ALS is also suitable for production planning. The system ensures that the correct data set is used for each order. Dynamic planning also takes into account unforeseen events – for example, delays due to staff shortages. This ensures optimal utilisation of the entire production facility.

Understandable for everyone

Explain complex topics simply and understandably in three minutes. This is precisely the aim of the ARBURG explainer videos. Viewers should have fun immersing themselves in a wide range of topics with the ARBURG experts and getting a lightning tour of each subject. A so-called 'beacon' acts as a little helper, providing additional graphic information and making the topic even easier to understand.
You can find more episodes of the explainer video series in our Media Centre.

Explainer video ALS