ARBURG at the MSV 2017

High performance for optics and additive manufacturing

ARBURG will demonstrate two sophisticated applications at the MSV 2017 in Brno from 9-13 October in Hall G1, Stand 39: Injection moulding of transparent LSR magnifying glasses for the optical industry and additive manufacturing of functional clamping jaws.

Partner for high-tech plastics processing
"There is huge demand for high-quality and automated injection moulding solutions. We will be demonstrating ARBURG's standing as the right partner, including and particularly for special high-tech applications, using the example of a sophisticated optical application", stressed Dr Daniel Orel, Managing Director of the ARBURG subsidiary in the Czech Republic.

LSR processing: flexible and transparent magnifying glasses
An electric ALLROUNDER 470 A in the clean-room version will be used to produce flexible and transparent magnifying glasses from liquid silicone rubber (LSR). The high-performance machine features a 4-cavity mould from Rico. The fully electric dosing system is supplied by 2KM. The cycle time is 40 seconds and the moulded part weight is 5.5 grams.

Additive manufacturing: Functional parts made from original materials
A freeformer will demonstrate the example of industrial additive manufacturing of clamping jaws with star grip from qualified Terluran GP 35 ABS standard granulate. A metal nut will be clipped into the star grip for screw connection and manual securing. The build time for the part is around three hours with a layer height of 0.2 mm. Alkaline-soluble Armat 21 is used as a second material for realising complex part geometries. The support material, which has been available from ARBURG since May 2017, is easy to process and thermally stable.